Mental Elevation

Mental elevation is a royalty free asian music, suitable for yoga and zen lessons. Download stock music

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Royalty free music

The inner journey ! You may use this relaxing music for meditation purpose or may you underscore an oriental documentary or video game... The asian bells and gong creates a hovering atmosphere suitable for Yoga, Tai chi and others zen practices. A solo violin conclude the elevation smoothly.

Music mood, theme:

Relaxation, Meditative, Calming, Zen workout, Asia, Hypnotic, Perpetual, Serene


Zen training, Path of yoga, lessons, tutorials, documentary, asian thematic movie & games

Instruments: Bells, gong, solo violin, vocals

Keywords: Bedtime, Calm, Chinese, china, contemplative, eastern, exercice, japanese, japan, Therapy, yoga classes, India, retreats, holiday, travel, trip, mongolian, Workshops, manga, monastery, Health, Alternative, Mindfulness, relax and breath, anxiety, buddhist, garden, chakra, natural healing, peaceful, harmony.

Nicolas Kastell
Spiritual | BPM 50