Heroic and dramatic trailer

Heroic and dramatic trailer is a royalty free music for medieval fantasy video games and movies. The music feels epic and powerful

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Royalty free music

This track feels majestic and glorious. It's an ideal background music for movies and games trailers, teasers or any multimedia project / show that requires the epic mood. The track slowly builds up, starting on a drama mood to end on a powerful large orchestra.

Music mood, theme:

Epic, medieval fantasy, adventure, battle, sentimental, blockbuster genre


Adventure movie, trailer, Medieval fantasy video game (mmorpg...)

Instruments: Orchestral strings, Horns & Brass, Flute, Percussions, Low Hit FX

Keywords: action, adventures, cinematic, dramatic, ending, energetic, epic, fight, heroic, hopeful, horns, orchestral, military, powerful, triumphant, war, battle, army, strong, medieval, soldiers, fantasy, knight, lord, evil, chaotic, antique, castle, conquest, empire

Nicolas Kastell
Trailer | BPM 100
Type: Newest