Flying higher

Flying higher is a royalty free orchestral soundtrack. You may use this music to underscore action movies, film, epic sport news. Orchestral strings, cinematic percussions, diva vocals and brass instruments

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Royalty free music

Touch the sky ! You can use this track to underscore: action movie, trailer, video game, reality game / shows, Sport news, any multimedia project that requires dynamic uptempo music. Diva vocals makes this track flying higher... Staccato strings were used to create the tension, and brass instruments ends up the track in a dramatic mood.

Music mood, theme:

Determinated, persistent, adrenaline rush, racing, tension, strong, fight, competition...


Action & adventure movie, trailer, video game, reality game shows, sport news, multimedia project...

Instruments: Orchestral strings and percussions , violins, tension FXs, Brass & horns, vocals

Keywords: action, adventure, battle, combat, competition, danger, drama, dramatic, diva, dynamic, energetic, epic, final, game, glory, hero, intense, military, orchestral, powerful, pursuit, race, run, rush, reality show, sport, strong, team, teaser, tension, trailer, video game, victorious.

Nicolas Kastell
Cinematic | BPM 130-137