Christmas tale

Christmas tale is a royalty free background music for christmas media project and shows. The music is light and airy, using harp, oboe, strings

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Royalty free music

Magic christmas ! This light and airy music sounds like falling snow. You may use this track for cartoons, animated films, tales, christmas ads or any magical story for children. The track starts with a sweet harp arpeggio with an angels choir at the back. Then come a solo cello that bridges to a majestic string section ending.

Music mood, theme:

Magical, dreamy, enchanting, airy, light, peaceful, christmas, tales, kids, winter...


Cartoon or animated movie, kids show, storytelling, christmas ads...


Harp, melodic percussions, cello. strings, oboe

Keywords: magical, winter, angels, snow, airy, light, relaxing, peaceful, adventure, kids, children, tales, legends, storytelling, christmas, new year's eve, holidays, cartoons, animated movies, advertising, advertisements, majestic, wonders, dreams, harp, peaceful, reflective, angelic.

Nicolas Kastell
Kids | BPM 68
Type: Newest