Celtic Rising Trailer

Celtic rising trailer is a royalty free audio track. Its celtic and cinematic. Can be used in any media with a medieval fantasy mood for example

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Royalty free music

This music refers to medieval fantasy, it also can be used within sentimental project...

Music mood:

Medieval adventure, hopefulness, announcing the great battle, sentimental & memories...


Adventure movie, clip, trailer, Celtic documentary, Sentimental movie, Medieval fantasy video game (mmorpg...), Historical multimedia project...

Instruments: Orchestral strings, Horns & Brass, Flute, Low Hit FX

Keywords: adventure, battle, blessing, boat, brittany, calm, castle, celtic, documentary, dramatic, dreamy, elegant, epic, evil, fantasy, fisher, game, hope, hopeful, horse, ireland, king, knight, lord, magical, medieval, meditative, melancholic, mountain, movie, nature, ocean, peaceful, ring, rise, romantic, sea, sentimental, slow tempo, smooth, soft, sword, trailer, uplifting, war

Nicolas Kastell
Cinematic | BPM 90
Type: Popular