What is ? is a Royalty-free music Library. We provide music tracks in various genres with non-exclusive royalty-free license. You can use this music for any commercial or non-profit project ( e.g video editing, film scoring, documentary, video games, broadcast, advertising, shows, public performances… )

What is royalty-free music ?

Audio files purchased from comes with a royalty-free license, this means:
– You pay a single fee once and you can use the music worldwide, for one end product, in accordance with the terms of use.
– You never need to pay subsequent royalties to anyone.
– The initial fee is a license of use. You do not own the music. The music remains the intellectual property of the composer. This non-exclusive license is granted to you and can’t be transferred.

How can I use the music purchased from ?

– You must use the music “as part” of your own work (e.g video editing, film scoring, multimedia project, background music for a show / public performance …)
– You can remix / rework the music you purchased. (e.g add your lyrics, or use it as a sample within your own composition, modify music lenght and tempo …)
– The only thing forbidden is Direct resale/redistribution.

What is that ” Audio preview ” voice Tag ?

All the demos you can hear through the website contain a watermark (audio preview / female voice) to avoid piracy. The files you will download after purchase does not contain that watermark.

What does the download includes?

After purchase, you will get a link to download a zip File. This archive contains:
– a 16 bits .Wav file 44.100Hz ( CD quality ) (standard & extended license)
– a 320 Kbps .MP3 file (basic, standard & extended  license)
– a .Pdf copy of the terms and conditions of use
(The demos you can hear over our website are MP3 tagged files)

Who composes these tracks ?

Check out the “about” page for further details