It’s in Brittany  that Nicolas finds its inspiration. Course of Irish flute and bombarde rhythmed his musical awakening . Subsequently he studied classical guitar, keeping one hand on the piano.

Teenager he practiced the synthesizer and the djembe, but it ‘s the electric guitar that revealed a growing passion for music. Diving in this world of strings, amps and effects boxes, he quickly developed a taste for soundcrafting and improvised music, especially for Blues.

At the same time he shares his passion on the internet, creates tutorials exceeding the million of views. Many thanks motivates him to continue this musical adventure. Then came a more acoustic sounding period, Gypsy jazz-oriented and always this desire to create and improvise. He thus experimented new instruments: violin, Erhu, darbuka, outar…

From those beginnings, he has also developed his musical ear, listening various musical genres from Cuban Jazz to Indian music and Oriental music to urban music.

He completed his musical baggage last years, learning studio techniques: Computer Music, recording, mixing .

Thirst for discovery, taste of improvisation and instrumental diversity naturally pushes him toward film scoring. 2014 is the year of retraining: creating a home studio with a dedicated website.